I’m going to tell you something about the Titanic, the so said unsinkable ship. At the time it was built, it was the biggest moving object ever created. The Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland, by Harland and Wolff shipbuilders.
They decided to build 3 ships that would be the largest and most luxerious ships the world had seen so far. It contained 2 swimmingpools, a gym, squash courts, private promonadedecks and hot water for bathing. These were all unusual things to have on a ship.


The ship was devided into the first, second and third class. The first class was very sumptious and therefor attracted many important and rich people. A first class ticket cost about $ 4,000 which translates into $50.000 dollars today.
In the second class, which was still very luxerious, were mostly middle class people like schoolteachers.
Third class was filled with emigrants of europe who went to the New World, hoping to build a better life.


how did it go?
on april 10th the titanic left from southampton to New York. they where 3 days gone when they were getting al lot of ice-warnings! it was very misty, at 11.40pm they saw an iceberg right in front of the titanic. the captain let the engines turn into reverse and steered the boat to the left, so the titanic didn't
go straid at the iceberg but it was torn at the leftside.
the ship had a crack of 100 meters long the leftside.the captain walks trough the ship to see what te damage is, the five front departments of the ship were fludding very fast and pull the front of the ship down.
the immediatly know the the ship will sink in a matter of hours.
at 12:15pm the fist emergency signals were send but many people refused to believe that the ship was sinking.
01:10pm the titanic sink very quik, there weren't enough lifeboats for all the people on the ship and they dind't compelety fill the boats.

02:18pm there weren't any more lifeboats but there were still 1500 poeple on board of the titanic.
the front sunk and the ship stand vertically in the water, then the ship breaks in half.
02:20pm the titanic is went competelly under water.
04:10pm the first savior came, there were about 2200 people on board but only 710 of them were saved!! 

How was it ever possible that the Titanic sank? 
At first it was because they ignored the ice warnings. They were so busy with the private telegrams.
Also captain Smith ordered to speed up that night. They think that he was trying to break the record of Titanic’s sister the Olympic. 

The people in the crows nest couldn’t find there telescope. That night was a calm, moonless night. With more wind they would have seen the iceberg earlier, because of the breakers that would have smashed against the iceberg. 

there weren't enough lifeboats, if there were more lifeboats, more people could have been saved.

James Cameron was so impressed by the story, that he decided to make a film about the story; the Titanic. The film cost about $250 million. 
He replicated everything from the original ship, from chandeliers to wallpapers. 
It took 3 years to make the movie. With a great cast the movie was a big succes. They received 11 oscars out of their 14 nominations. 

I have seen the movie, I think it's a beautiful movie but with a very sad end.
I think the idea that it is a real story, that make is more romantic and impressive that night they learned a lot, and the shipbuilding industrie made a lot of improvements so they can safe more people than that fatal night in April 1912

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