Hello everybody,

I’m gonna tell you about my hobby. My hobby is basketball. I‘ve made a powerpoint-presentation with pictures so that it’s easier for you to understand. First I’m gonna tell you about the outfit. To dress you as a basketball-player, you need a basketballshirt. That’s mostly without sleeves and with a logo of a famous club, a long short, that matches the shirt and basketball-shoes. A famous brand is And-1. If you like you can dress sweatbands. To play basketball you need of course a basketball and a basketball goal. A basketball goal consists of a lot of parts. If we begin from the top to the bottom we first have the blackboard, than the ring with the net, a pole and on the ground we have a base. We must score through a 3m05 high ring. All these stuff you can buy in sports shops like Decathlon.

When you want to learn the rules of a basketball very well, you can go to a club and train there. A match for our age takes 40 minutes divided in 4 quarters of 10 minutes with a break of 10 minutes after 2 quarters. You play basketball with 5 members of your club against 5 members of the other club. The target is to score goals as much as possible by throwing the basketball in the basketball ring of the opponent. In basketball, you have special scores. 

When you score from after the three-point line you’ve got 3 points, when you score from before the three-point line you’ve got 2 points and when you must shot from the free-throw line because the other club has made a fault on you, than you’ve got 1 point. Every player may make 4 faults , when he makes 5 faults, then he must leave the field.

There are also some types of scoring, you can score by a set shot, this means neither feet leaving the floor or by a jump shot, that’s when you jump first and than you shoot. You also can score with a lay-up or with a slam dunk. If you throw and you hit nothing than we call that an air ball, If you only hit the backboard we call it a brick. On a basketball field you’ve got 3 different types of players: the guard, the center and the forward. The guard organizes the team and control the ball, the centers are mostly the highest people because they must take the rebound and the forwards, they must score. When I play a match, I’m mostly a forward.

In Belgium we also have a few famous clubs. My favorite club in Belgium is De Antwerp Giants. The top of basketball is in the United States, named the NBA. The NBA consists of a lot of American teams.

So, this was what I wanted to tell you about basketball. Thanks for listening to me and have a nice day