have a talk about tennis.
Tennis is a hobby of my and I play it more than 5 years.
A couple years ago I train 1 time at week and on Wednesday I play games.
I want to tell you some thing about the history of tennis, the fields, the scoring, the way you can touch the ball, what you need to play it and famous players.

The history of tennis.

Tennis is creating in France during the middle ages. 
But then it wasn’t played as we are doing now. In the Middle ages they called it Jeu de Paume and played it with a dreased,harry ball. 
Until the year 1500 people play it with there hands.
After this year they start it to play with a racket.
The first championships where hold by ‘All England croquet and lawn Tennis Club’ at Wimbledon.
That was in Londen in July 1877.

Why it is called tennis is not very clear ,some people say that is from a French word ‘tenez’ .
What means there it comes.

The materials.

The Fields

23,77 m long.
8,23 m wide.

Net -> 0.91 m high 

You’ve got a two service sections and two ‘tram-trails’.
The tram-rails you only use when you play a double game.
That means that you play with 4 players.

Middenservice lijn -> 6,4 m 
Enkelspel servicevak -> 4,1 m

There are different kinds of fields like gravel, grass and hardcord

The scoring

The scoring of the game. 

You have a game when you get 4 points.
The points are going like 15-30-40 
the person who have another point after 40 wins the game.
If both players have 40 points they called it deuce, the player who gets another point after the deuce gets advatage. If that player gets also another point after advatage he’s the winner of the game. 
But if the other player gets another point it is deuce again.

The scoring of the set.

The first player who get six games and have two more games then the other, wins the set.
But if both players won 6 games or you don’t have two more games, then comes the tiebreak.
At the tiebreak the person wins who has as 1st 6 points and 2 more than the other player. 
When a man plays a game he can only have 5 sets and he won if he has 3 of them.
When a woman plays a game she can only have 3 sets and she won if she has 2 of them.

Than you also have set point and a match point.
A set point means that if you have this point, you also have this set.
Whit a match point you have the match.

The way you touch the ball.

You can touch the ball on many ways.

Famous players

The best Dutch player of the men is Martin Verkerk.
The best Dutch player of the women is Michaela Kraaijtjek.
The best men player in the hull world is Roger Federer.
The best women player in the hull world is probably Maria Sharapova or Anna Kournikova.