I want to tell something about scouting. This because me and my family are many years by scouting involved. I find that scouting is a perfect organisation. At scouting I have learned a lot. First I want to tell what is scouting. after that I tell some history facts of scouting. At last I tell you my opinion and own experiences.
What’s scouting? Scouting Nederland+ the world organisation
Scouting is a international youth organisation where also present in the Netherlands. Scouting describes as follows: Scouting is a sort of youthassociation where boys and girls together, with a growing independence and decreasing leadership with a specific theme. They are inspired on the outdoor life. They would like to discovered themselves and the world. They have a choice of a lot of actions for their own age. 
Scouting is the biggest youth organisation in the world with approximately 32 millions members about 160 countries. In some countries there is a difference between scouting (for boys) and guiding (for girls). What they do is everywhere in the world the same. In the most countries scouting is mixed. The tradition differs yet. In the Netherlands scouting and guiding are together since 1973. The association called Scouting Nederland. In Belgium there are two association for scouting and guiding. All the scouting groups about the world are a member of the World Organsiation of The Scout Movement (WOSM for boys) or the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS). 
The target of Scouting Nederland is: to promote the game of guiding and scouting in the Netherlands on the basis of the ideas from Lord Baden Powell. Scouting Nederland would like to give girls and boys a nice leisure time meanwhile their personality become formed. Scouting Nederland is for everyone. They bid room for every philosophy of life. There is no difference between boys and girls. At the moment the Netherlands has 10.000 children and 25.000 adults who are a member of scouting Nederland. 
The establishment of scouting
The founder of scouting is Baden Powell. He was in the army. Baden Powell knew the horrors of the wars and also the background of the boys in the army. The boys have less money, they didn’t go to school. It was difficult to survive in the English army. After Baden Powell’s denomination till commander in India, he started with rules so the soldiers life bettered. He cared for relaxation and gave instructions in hygiene, so the health bettered. The education of soldiers till scouts had a specially worry. Baden Powell finds that it was necessary that a scout have to make a report, to draw a card, working with a compass and can signaling. Besides he trained his boys in survival. He got permission to make a skill badge. A soldier must wear this when he knows everything. His new method describes he in his book ‘aids to scouting’.
Back in England B.P noticed that this book also became used outside the army. Some parts appeared in a boys magazine. Called Boys brigade. It was a magazine of a youth organization. Baden Powell decides rewrite his book especially for the youth. The title was Scouting for Boys. It was Baden Powell’s intention scouting was for actual youthorganisation. He want to give workshops. Finally it were not the actual associations who played the scouting game. It were boys who with a group without older people played the game. It wasn’t BP who established scouting. Scouting established themselves and drag BP away. At the end of 1908 there were 60.000 scouts registered and a year later 100.000. On that moment there were only boys a member of scouting. But the girls would like also to scouting. 

The girls establish together with BP wife their own movement. Called the girl guiding. Short after the establishment birthed there 2 new movements. The cubs and the brownies for the younger children. Nowadays scouting know 5 age classes in many categories (sea, air and so forth) and there are a lot of people who help the clubs. Example as leader or in the management This are the age classes:
· 5-7
· 7-10
· 10-14
· 14-17
· 17-21
Every classes has his own uniform.

My opinion
As I say at the begin of this presentation. I like scouting. I’ve been a youth member at the girl scout association. Called the Delmo. I’ve been a brownie and a guide. Brownies are girls between 7 and 10 years old. Guides are girls between 10 and 14 years old. My mother was in the management of the Delmo. Now I am leader by the cubs of the Markiezaatsgroep where my father in the management is and my brother is there a scout wich are boys between 10 and 14 years old. Cubs are boys between 7 and 10 years old. I . Cubs play in the junglebook. (Tabaqui) think together with three others (Kaa, Hathi, Bagheera) programs. Sometimes we used another theme then the Junglebook. That’s mostly by a special occasion. A few weeks ago we have made a foto comic strip. In the summer we go on a camp. We stay seven days in a chalet. This year the theme of our summercamp is universe. We stay between Alblasserdam en Kinderdijk. It wil be my first camp with the cubs. I don’t like people who say scouting is old-fashioned. It is not. Scouting goes the same as football away with the time. At scouting I learned much. I have learned how I must make a good fire and I can a little bit cooking. Besides most time it’s enjoyable. We make a lot of fun . This is what I would like to tell, I’ll hope you all learned so much and don’t say scouting is boring and old-fashioned.