1. The live of Enzo Ferrari and his racing.
2. The story of Ferrari the brand. 
3. Il Cavallino Rampante / steigering horse.
4. Wich Ferrari’s do I own?

The live of enzo Ferrari.

Enzo Ferrari was born in a small town called modena, one of the cars today has been given the honor of carrying that name, He was born there on the 18th of februari 1898. 

Already in the early years of his live enzo was fascinated by cars and carsports.
Therfore he decided to work for a turainisch chassisbuilder, he was became testdriver. Not long after that he was offered a job as a race-car-driver for C.M.N., a chassisbuilder as wel. 

In 1919 it was time, and Enzo Ferrari was offered the chance to drive his first race, een hilclimb-race. He was fourth that day.

Exactly one year later he drove the famous Targa Florio.

It is the most upper one!
This time he ended second.
This is the reasson why there was such a close connection between the two brands, Ferrari and Alfa romeo, the builders of the car.

In 1929 Enzo started Ferrari, the scudera Ferrari. This was formed to the Alfa romeo’s racing devision, Alfa romeo bought in 1933 even the entire company, from him. This was mostly because Enzo had been given a son, Dino Ferrari.
Enzo still remained in the racing business as director of the racing deparment of alfa. 

When he had started Ferrari, nearly nothing happened for 8 years. Only then Enzo Ferrari came with the 125 S, a V12 with a 1500 CC engine.
But not only those years there were success, there was also what must have been a major blow for him, the death of his son Dino in the year of 1956.
Ferrari remained in the racingbusiness and eventually died in on the 14 of august 1988 after his brand acheaved over 5.000 victories and 25 worldtitles.

The story of the Ferrari brand.

As I have just told youm the livespan history of Enzo Ferrari, it might be possible to rehear some of the information that I will tell you now.

Ferrari was first founded in 1929, the scudera Ferrari. This was union that representated her members, alfa romeo, is one of those. Alfa romeo was such a great supporter appearently in that time that alfa romeo ubtaned the scudera Ferrari, however, enzo Ferrari stayed extremely active as a
· Driver, testdriver.
· Racedriver.
· President of the company.
In 1939 Enzo had started a small plant, auto avio construzioni. This was because the name Ferrari was band in the second world war. In this time, in the small plants in Maranello he produced sandbelts, unusual enough. After the war, the name Ferrari was reinstated of course and the first Ferrari could be build. The
125 S was the first car to leave that workshop in 1947. This car was the extremly well build, because it was’nt very long before the first racingtriomphants were dragt in. One of those was of course the Le mans..
Ferrari is still the brand that has the most victory’s in le mans since 1951 then any other team in the world.
But ferrari also produces streetcar-versions of there racecars. Ferrari is the only brand were the racecars and regular streetmodels are so equele challenged.
For example:
1. the testarossa 250 from 1958.
2. the F40 from 1988.
These car are real streetmodels, not racecars, but they still are more powerfull ten some racecars that existed in those days. 
This is more to the truth even today, with the celebration of the enzo.


In the same year that enzo Ferrari died 1988, the Fiat company increased its share by 40%, making it 90%. Ferrari left a healthy company behind, with its own windtunnel and so on. 
Every year there are 4.000 mostly still handmade cars produced, wich alows the exclusiveness for each and every one of them, as Enzo specifically desired.

Il Cavallino Rampante / steigering horse.

This is most undaubtingly the most amazing part that excists, see this and you know what you are looking at. The small steigering horse.
This wel known horse was’nt even his own idee. 
After a race in 1923, the savio race, Enzo was visiting a friend, who had painted it on his plain, he was a succesfull pilot during the first world war and had experiensed succes with it. His wife, from Enzo’s friend, asked if he would paint it on his car. He did it and received a statement wich said that he could use this on his cars. He left the horse black, only the background was altered, to yellow, this is the colour of the ity of modena.
In 1929 it first appeared on Ferrari’s documents, in 1932 the emblem is seen on the first racingcar of alfa romeo. This race is victories and ever since it has been on racingcars.
In 1947 it first appeared on a productioncar, where it has remained.

Wich Ferrari’s do I own?

Ever since I was a kid I loved cars, how they looked, what sound they made and that has made me ofcourse a great fan from Ferrari’s. Therefore I own a few myself, that number is now at 6. As an advise from afra said, drag them to school, it doesn’t matter how big they are. Well I did as you have seen, and They are the following ones:

· The testarossa.
· The F 40.
· The 356 GT
· The 550 maranello
· The 360 Modena.
· The 250 GTO , the small one.
Because I don’t think you are the most accillerated carfanatic’s I wil only bore you with my three favorites.
· The 356 Gt.
· The 550 Maranello.
· The 360 modena. The cars that I have in fullscale.

The 356 GT: This car is actually the family car of Ferrarie. This is the only one except for the 612 scagliette that has four seates. This car is I think very nicely made, because of its power and stile. The car is a racecar from the outside and the engine. But the inside is luxurioush/stile. You can travelle in this stile up to speeds from 300 km/h. But the throttle is still on the right, and if you know how to find it, you can leave you’re classic music behind, cause at a fenominale acceleration from not to 60 mp/h, or 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, you really get thrown back in you’re seat. Not very pleasant if you’re going on a holiday and you’re kids are trying to get some sleep in the back, so if you want to prevent that they come a long for the trip you can als buy the Maranello: A smaller family car, just two seats still a V12 under you’re hood, a small boot and two suitcases in the back. Still is the second half family car, and stile as well, only now up to 325 km/h and faster, only the testdriver was to scared to find out it’s real top. Now you also do it in 4.2 seconds, from not to 100 km/h. 
But if you don’t want you’re wive or husband a long for the ride, you can buy the modena, this is absolutely a racingcar, engine in the back, room for one small suitcase in the front, in the spare-wheel. It goes from not to 100 in 4.5 seconds, and has a top speed from 295 km/h, but you really don’t need any of these here in the netherlands. With one smack on the gas and you’le go faster then ever before, and you’le nolonger have a car. So my advise is, don’t by it if you live here, buy it if you’re on cloud nine with it.
Thank you for listening and if you have any questions, please ask them now, or look on their internet page. 


If I think over it for a while, I can give you a dozen reason’s for doing this presentation about this subject. I simply love Ferrari, it’s stile it’s looks, and so on. I have always liked cars, but Ferrari is and will fore-ever be the one were everyone talks about, that’s why I would like to tell you more about it.