Hi I'm Kirti my presentations is about Surinam I have chose this subject because I love Surinam. My parents come also from Surinam and I have still have a lot of family  over there. I really love the food over there especially the tropical fruit. I am going to tell you different kinds of things like where it is and a little bit of the history.

Surinam is in the Northeast coast of South America. In the east Surinam Borders to France Guyana in the west to Guyana in the south to Brazil and in the north to the Atlantic 
Ocean. Surinam is 4 times the size of the Netherlands and there lives about a half million people. Around 80% of Suriname is tropical rainforest.
The tropical rainforest is very beautiful especially the waterfalls and the pure water that’s come from the mountain the rainforest is also very tourists if you go into the rainforest you have to take prick for the case you get diseases as malaria. 
The official language is Dutch, but on the street the people are talking 
Sranang tongo that is a mix of African, Indian, Dutch and English language. The temperature is between 23 and 35 degrees.

Surinam is multicultural land the original people from Surinam are the Indians. Surinam was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 by change. He was sent by the Spanish king of Spain to trade goods with India. After the discovery another Spanish man named El Doro do he went to Surinam in search of gold.
The primitive people the Indians told hem that there was a lot of gold in the middle of the Rainforest. That was a big lie and that’s why the Spanish king had no interest in Surinam, So he sold it to the British. The British put up plantation at the Coast of Surinam River.
After a while the British people decided to trade Surinam for New-Amsterdam (now it is New York) at that time New York was a Dutch property. The Dutch people decided to put up a large plantation.
There fore they needed a lot of people to work. They brought people from 
African to work on the plantation. These people they worked from 6 in the morning to 6 in the night and just for one meal a day. They slept in small wooden cottage. This kind of treatment is called slavery. Some of the slaves could not bear the pain and tried to fight back some of them were killed and others ran into the jungle and till the day of today there still lives a lot of African people in the jungle. In 1853 Surinam was the only country where slavery was still on. By the pressure of other wealthy and developed country's the Dutch decided to abolish the slavery official in 1863.

But they still needed workers so they brought the Chinese people from China to Surinam as contract workers for 5 years this was a huge mistake, because the Chinese weren’t good at working on the fields after the 5 years some Chinese went back to their own country and some of them opened a shop in Surinam. Then the Dutch people brought Hindus from India and Javanese people from Java also as contract workers they worked on the sugar, coffee, and rice cotton and tobacco plantations.
After their contract ended some of them returned to their own country and the most of them stayed in Surinam. That’s why Surinam has such a diversity of culture.
In the 60's and 70's Surinam people got the freedom to express their feelings so they asked to became independent of the Dutch.
On the 25th of November 1975 Suriname became independent of the Dutch. They got their own government and law.
But you can still find a lot of monumental buildings that was made by the Dutch people in the colonial period in Paramaribo.
A lot of Surinam people came to the Netherlands because the didn't saw a bright future in the new system. That’s why we have lot of Suriname people in the Netherlands. 
In 1980 a group op the military people tried to take over the land and many people where killed that also resulted in departure of a lot of people to the Netherlands. The economy has gone down since that time.

Before Suriname became independent of the Dutch, their flag was a circle with stars in it.
Black stands for the creoles (the African people)
Red for the Indian (the original people from Surinam)
Brown for the Indians (the people from India)
Yellow for Chinese
The circle stand for that there lives different kind cultures together
Background is white stand for peace.

Despite the many natural resources like wood, bauxite, gold and petroleum Surinam is still remembered as a poor country but despite that it remains a sweet and beautiful country with a lot of culture's and lovely people and the sweet food over there.
This was my presentations thank you are there any questions?