I’m going to tell you something about tigers,


A tiger is a carnivore that means he only eats meat, it lives mostly somewhere round grass, a tiger is also a good swimmer, they mostly live in Asian countries.
Tigers are solitary. Few cases have ever been reported of them together. Even then, it is almost always only to mate, or when a tigress raises cubs. The male and female will mate, and than leave, the male seeking more tigresses to mate with. He will not participate care for his children. The pregnancy for tigers is 103 days, and soon the cubs are born, the tigress mother will teach them how to hunt, and will raise them for up to two years. Then the young will leave, sometimes stay together for a while, and then leave for good, to live off their lives alone.

Tigers prefer damp, thickly overgrown places such as dense jungles and river banks covered with reeds or brush where they are well camouflaged by their coloration.. In such localities they stalk their prey at night. If necessary, they prowl about during the day

There are many kinds of tigers, fox example I’ll tell about three kinds, the first one is the Bengal tiger, the second is the Siberian tiger, and the last one is the Sumatran tiger.


Bengal tiger

The Bengal tiger lives in the south east of Asia, they mostly live in the jungles, he can grow till 2 and a halve meters long. The Bengal tiger is orange and has black and brown stripes, he can also be white, that’s why the Bengal tiger is called ‘the white tiger’ too, the white tiger is very rare. This tiger hunts when it is dark outside, the animal that he prefers to eat is the antelope, it’s illegal to hunt on these animals, because they are very rare, but some people don’t care and continue the hunting.



Siberian tiger

The largest of all cats, the Siberian tiger is one of the most endangered animals in the world. However, only one in the hunting trips is successful. Creeping within 30-80 feet of the prey. A Siberian tiger may eat over 20 pounds of meat a day to sustain itself in the cold climate. It is capable of eating 75 pounds of meat. Tiger body parts are in high demand all of Asia for fur and medicines, putting the Siberian tiger in serious danger of extinction.


Sumatran tiger

The Sumatran tiger is the smallest of the tiger subspecies as compared to the Siberian tiger which is the largest. The smaller size of the Sumatran tiger makes it easier to move quickly through the jungle. Also, their stripes are narrower than other tiger species. The tiger's patterned coloring is an adaptation for camouflage in their natural habitat, which is often tall grass. The males, especially, have a more bearded and maned appearance — neck and cheek hair are well developed. The white spots on the back of tiger's ears are called "eye spots" or "predator spots". These spots are believed to function as false eyes as well as to make it look larger to any predator approaching from behind. This is particularly helpful in keeping cubs safe.
This was my presentation, are there any questions?

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