A snowboard is a new development in wintersports. 
You can snowboard if you have: 
· a board 
· soft or hardboots ( I’ll explain this term later) 
· a lease 
· bonds 

The board is made of 7 different coats: 
1. The top: the bonds are fasten on the top, it’s a plastic coat often with beautiful drawings and designs. 
2. The laminate: made of laminate, for a better performance and flexibility 
3. The Woodcentre: Made of wood for a better flexibility and comfort 
4. Steelinserts: For more strongness under the bonds 
5. another coat of laminate 
6. a steel edge around the other coats for a perfect carving and strongness 
7. A waxed bottom for perfect gliding, often with beautiful drawings and designs like on the top. 

There are different kinds of boards like freestyle, freeride, carving, speed and more. Every different board fits by the style you like. 
Freeride is the most regular, with a freeride board you can jump, go fast, break your legs in a halfpipe and much more. It’s a short, not very thin board 
Freestyle is the hard work, you only do halfpipes, jumping and off piste with it. It’s a very small, wide board and it’s very flexibel. 
Carving is a diversion from speed, by speed you have a long, thin board with no womanshape, so you can only go very hard with it, a carveboard is more womanshaped so you can go hard but with nice carves. 

You can make a choice between soft or hardboots. Softboots look like big climbingshoes, all the freestylers use them and the most of the freeriders also use them, in softboots you can move your feet well, which is good if you wanna do jumps and stuff. 
A hardboots is the same as a skishoe, you can not move your feet so well in it so you have more control over your board, most carvers use them. 

A lease is a security for your board, if you fall and your bonds go open your lease makes you not to loose your board. It’s a rope with often elastic in it which you attach to your board and bind around your legs or your shoes. 

The bonds are attached on your board to tight your shoes in, there are different bonds for soft and hardboots, for the softboots you usually use fastbonds, you put the bands over your shoes and you click thebands tighter so your shoes don’t slip out. For hardboots you use clickbonds, you put your shoes on the bonds and then you click a iron bar over them. 

Now you are almost ready to snowboard, 
but you first have to find out whether your goofy or regular. 
Goofy means that you put your rightfoot forward on the board and regular means you put your left foot forward. 
Put your feet into the bonds and there you go! 
You can snowboard just for fun on holiday or you can do contests as: 
· Slalom 
· Boardercross 
· Freestyle 
Slalom is just like slalom by skiing, you go with lots of speed through some flags. 
Boardercross is a mix of freestyle and speed, there’s a sorts of a road with many bumps in it. 
6 Boarders stand in a row and wait for the starting sign, then they go through the curves and bumps, the one who is as fastest at the finish wins the match, by boardercross there often fall people, it’s hard to go through a curve with six man in a row. 
In a Freestyle match you let other people see what you can do with your snowboard in for instance a halfpipe, you get points for it and the one with the most points wins the game. 

Snowboarding is more a lifestyle than a sport, snowboarders wear wide clothes, often do skating in the summer when they can’t snowboard and have a relaxed way of life. 
Snowboarding is nice to learn because it isn’t so difficult when you already know how to ski but you must know that it’s really different of skiing.